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Close your eyes. Fast forward a few years. Take a deep breath. Feel the sun on your face, the wind in your hair, and….the itchy cap and gown you are wearing? Yep, it’s your graduation from college, a day they call “commencement” once you are in the big leagues.
This is a day you’ll look forward to for four years and a ceremony you’ll never forget. Celebrations will ensue. Parents will be proud. Speakers will  ramble but you’ll only hear about half of what they are saying because you are thinking about your life. What’s next. The future

Graduating college is exciting, emotional and stressful. Your entire life is ahead of you. One journey is ending and another is beginning. There will be pressure to find a job. Unfortunately, these days, this is not a simple task. Statistics and scary newspaper articles tell us that college graduates are facing the worst job market in decades and things are slow to improve. 
More than ever, we have to be smart about which major we choose. A major that is interesting, a major that is fulfilling. A major that gets us a job.
I think you know what we are about to say. Engineering gets the job done, in more ways than one. Take a look at an excerpt from an article from the NY Times that ran last year. 

In general, engineering schools produced the best starting salaries, and represented eight out of the top 10 schools in starting salary. On the other hand, Ivy League Schools are the best bet for mid-career pay, with five out of the top 10.
Majors matter. Quantitative-oriented degrees -- like engineering, science, mathematics and economics -- filled most of the top 20 slots in both highest starting median salaries and highest mid-career median salaries.
(NY Times, 2009)

This is nothing new. Engineering has consistently been one of the best majors for students to pick in terms of getting, and keeping, jobs. And, the starting salaries are considerably higher than the average for a recent college graduate. Of course, there’s the exciting travel, the ability to truly make a difference, the range of industries—from fashion to cooking to entertainment to design—that engineers work in. 

Now open your eyes. Think about it. We’re just saying….
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