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Today we have another birthday that all of us at EYL are happy to celebrate. Women’s right to vote and run for office, aka suffrage, became law 90 years ago today. The thought that only a couple of generations ago, women were denied the right to cast an official opinion on the way their city, state, and country were governed; not to mention their environments, the livelihood and education of their children, etc... it’s just mind-boggling.


It’s not something we think about often these days. Ninety years (although a short time in the grand scheme of American History) is long enough to dull the memories of a time when people actually believed that women’s brains and judgment skills were inferior to men.


Here’s the sad, sobering truth. There is a small population of (fools) who sort of still believe this type of thing. It’s the reason women still make less than men to do the same work. The reason sexual harassment still rears its ugly head in the workplace. The reason the percentages of women who hold political office (or sit in the corner office) are still low.


What can we do about it EYL team? First and foremost, let’s be mindful.

Let’s remember today's anniversary and be mindful that rules are meant to change and stereotypes are just noise. That women make fantastic engineers and scientists. That the lab and the field and the history books have plenty of room for the ladies.


If you’re feeling frustrated or lazy, think back to 90 years ago today, when women just like us stood up and said no more. When we were (finally) handed the pen and the power. Let's keep using it girls. 

Thanks to our friends at Vision 2020 for reminding us about this important milestone!


Dream big. Love what you do. Engineer Your Life.

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Highschool Girl
08/26/2010 10:08

Do you really want to bring up the abortion debate on a website for "A guide to engineering for high school girls". Wow... can someone say "unprofessional"...

So, since you started, let me say this:

Some have suggested that prohibiting a woman from having an abortion is to place the value of an embryo or fetus above that of the woman herself. Restricting abortion does not imply that the child is more valuable than the mother. Rather, it recognizes that the child's right to NOT be killed is more fundamental than the woman's right to NOT be pregnant.

Professional Female
08/26/2010 10:28

Highschool Girl - I believe that the author was simply trying to point out the fact that women were not allowed to participate in a vote that greatly affected them. As you stated this is hardly the place for a debate for such a topic.

I would like to say that I am so thankful for those that came before me and I hope that I honor them through my actions and by encouraging others.

Highschool Girl
08/26/2010 12:38

@Professional Female (and i'm assuming you're the author...) - There was no reason to include the statement "...not to mention their bodies..." in her statement except to quickly reveal her stance on a highly, moral debatable matter that should not even be hinted at on a blog site like this. Play it down however you want, but that needs to be removed from this blog entry.

08/27/2010 09:48

Hi there,

I apologize for any confusion in the content of the piece. I was more talking about general healthcare than the topics you bring up. I removed it to avoid any further confusion. Again, my apologies.

08/27/2010 19:40

Western women must celebrate this great anniversary .. this is what Arabic women did when Islam gave them all their rights ..
Before America was discovered, more than 1000 year ago , Islam had given women all the rights that she need..

I am proud to be a Muslim women ...

08/27/2010 20:58

Thank you for the post! this great.

Professional Female
09/08/2010 11:33

@highschool girl- not the author


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