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Hi blog readers and future engineers,

We know you’re right there along with us in our mission to change the way people think, and talk, about engineering. Well, it’s time to take our relationship to the next level.

Let’s make it official. 

Last week we introduced the Engineer’s Pledge. Engineer’s Pledge, meet our blog readers. Blog readers, meet the Engineer’s Pledge.

The pledge is a promise. It is a pinky swear to the field of engineering. It is a decision to put our money where our mouth is. Engineers, professors, students, supporters—let’s do this. Here it is:

The Engineer’s Pledge

Change the way you talk about engineering. Take the Engineer’s Pledge.

 I will:

·                     Tell people about the creative aspects engineering 

·                     Promote the collaborative nature of engineering

·                     Talk about how engineering makes a difference

In less than a week, over 400 people have taken the pledge. We think that is a great sign and an encouraging trend. Let's keep it going. The old saying that there is strength in numbers is, well, true.

So, go to our Facebook page (please) and “like” it. That’s it. You’ve pledged. You feel better already, huh?
We had a lot of response and feedback yesterday when we posted a great little quote about engineering. The quote, widely re-used and distributed in the engineering world, goes a little something like this:

"Some say the glass is half full. Others say it is half empty. Engineers say the glass is too big."

Cute, right? We were talking a little more about the quote at Engineer Your Life this week and realized the quote is more than cute. It does well to sum up a lot of the characteristics of engineering that often go unseen. While some think (wrongly) that engineering is a lot about quiet folks being hunched over desks crunching numbers or working alone on computers, it is more about looking at things from a different perspective.

It's about realizing that often the answer isn't as obvious or limiting as one might think. Seeking new possibilities for old problems. Having a healthy skepticism about what might seem obvious or accepted. Carving new paths. Building something out of nothing. Fixing things. Solving problems. Making a difference. Building the future, literally. 

Next time you hear or read something about engineering that is more along the lines of just "half full or half empty", urge them to think again. To think differently. To not assume it's the lack of water, but that it is just too much darn glass.

Before you go, check out this hilarious, ingenious story of an engineering student and the very creative answer he had to an actual exam question. 

Dream big. Love what you do. Engineer Your Life. 
A couple of weeks ago Engineer Your Life was introduced to a silly, fun, interesting and inspiring new web community, Smart Girls at the Party. After attending this "party" for a while, we had to tell you more. This is one party you want to be at.

The site celebrates girls and the power of intelligence, working hard to be the antithesis of the countless "tween" and teen web sites aimed at girls that focus only on celebrities, pop culture, gossip and appearance. Boring, boring, boring.

We've heard enough about Lindsay Lohan and Twilight (sorry girls, haven't we? really?) for a lifetime. Let's direct our energy towards something more interesting--us! This community manages to be nerdy in the coolest of ways. Smart but never dorky. Inspiring but not sappy. 

Comedian Amy Poehler and her friends Meredith Walker and Amy Miles, started the site to convince girls once and for all that being smart is cool. The site is filled with videos, chats, how-tos and the opportunity to meet and friend smart, cool, fun girls just like you. 

Check out one of our favorite videos, an engineer named Rachel. She is 12 years old and makes robots with her bare hands. Coooool.

As Smart Girls at the Party reminds us "smart girls have more fun" and you can "change the world by being yourself."

Duh, we knew that!

But thanks for the reminder ;)
One of our favorite advocates of science, technology, engineering and math, The Girl Scouts, just got a makeover. The world's largest organization for girls, got a new "do" and a forward facing look at the 21st century, literally, check it out  at:

As for the look in action, explore their STEM programs here:

The logos, which have stood strong since the late seventies, were updated to more closely mirror the modern gal. It's an update and a look that all of us at Engineer Your Life are excited about. To us it feels strong, confident and ready to take on the world. It represents a well rounded girl that does a lot more than just selling cookies.

And that makes US happy campers ;)

Engineers: ever look at something someone has thrown away and wish it had a second (or third) life? Ever imagine simple, inventive solutions to big problems? Ever feel like you have an award winning invention just waiting to be brought to life?

Well, it’s time to put all that good thinking in motion. 

WGBH’s engineering focused reality show, Design Squad, recently launches its second annual Trash to Treasure contest. The challenge is to find everyday discarded materials (aka trash, duh) and turn them into something innovative that helps people and our planet. Twenty-five finalists will be featured on Design Squad’s popular web site, and three winners will travel to Boston to have their designs brought to life by Continuum, an award winning design consultancy.

Last year’s winner, Max Wallack, created a design shelter for the homeless out of trash bags and wire hangers. Think you have an idea as good as that? Show us!

Click here to get started. We can't wait to see what you've got. 

Dream big. Love what you do. And win!