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We love it here at EYL when butt kicking female engineers grab the spotlight, and the big prize. It is fair to say this week at MIT, that happened and more.
As the folks at MIT tell us (proudly, as it should be) Jennifer Lai, who is majoring in biological engineering and music and theater arts, and is headed to Oxford, has been named a Rhodes Scholar. Not too shabby Jennifer, not too shabby at all. 

Biological engineering AND music and theater arts? The girl is a concert pianist, a future world changer, and, we would like to think an example of what EYL is all about. 

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Congrats Jennifer!

When something is good, really good, people say you should “take that on the road.” Well, our favorite reality show/game show hybrid, Design Squad, is doing just that. After three seasons of fun, ingenious solutions to a range of problems and challenges, the folks at WGBH are mixing things up a bit, with two new (great) hosts, a new format, and a mission to literally change the world through design and engineering.


This season (premiering Jan 26th, check local listings!), the two new hosts, Judy Lee and Adam Vollmer, work alongside kids all over the world to do things like: design a red-carpet worthy gown with help from Project Runway winner Christian Siriano, improve the quality of life for kids living in rural Nicaragua by building them the playground of their dreams, to baking a creepy and crazy automated cake for the cast party of the musical Young Frankenstein.


Check out the trailer. It’s fun already. DS Nation, we'd follow you anywhere.