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It is a good thing I love my job, because, if not, I would be applying to work at Arup, one of the coolest companies I have stumbled across. I spend my days searching for the coolest people, companies, universities, and projects in engineering and this one jumped out. I mean, check this place OUT….the projects, the people, and even the web site scream “cool, cool, cool.”

Want to travel the globe while working on the hottest museums, universities, hotels, airlines out there? Try Arup. They have offices in 33 countries. 33. Oh, I can just see your jet-setting lifestyle now. 

In addition to the hip world of hotel and aviation design, Arup has worked on some of the biggest eco projects in the world

And guess what? They have a great internship program that spans the globe. Check it out. And leave room in your suitcase for me!

That's all for today engineers...think of companies like Arup and continue to Dream Big and Love What You do.

Happy exploring from all of us at Engineer Your Life