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A couple of weeks ago Engineer Your Life was introduced to a silly, fun, interesting and inspiring new web community, Smart Girls at the Party. After attending this "party" for a while, we had to tell you more. This is one party you want to be at.

The site celebrates girls and the power of intelligence, working hard to be the antithesis of the countless "tween" and teen web sites aimed at girls that focus only on celebrities, pop culture, gossip and appearance. Boring, boring, boring.

We've heard enough about Lindsay Lohan and Twilight (sorry girls, haven't we? really?) for a lifetime. Let's direct our energy towards something more interesting--us! This community manages to be nerdy in the coolest of ways. Smart but never dorky. Inspiring but not sappy. 

Comedian Amy Poehler and her friends Meredith Walker and Amy Miles, started the site to convince girls once and for all that being smart is cool. The site is filled with videos, chats, how-tos and the opportunity to meet and friend smart, cool, fun girls just like you. 

Check out one of our favorite videos, an engineer named Rachel. She is 12 years old and makes robots with her bare hands. Coooool.

As Smart Girls at the Party reminds us "smart girls have more fun" and you can "change the world by being yourself."

Duh, we knew that!

But thanks for the reminder ;)


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