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Now, this is cool.

Engineers make things. We all know that. Yet, what engineers make most is a difference. They conceive, create and design technologies and applications that change people’s lives. Here at WGBH, they’re doing it at the Most Magical Place on Earth. Where you wish upon a star. The mouse’s house. Disney World.   

Ah, can’t you just see it now. The character shaped balloons swaying on Main Street, Cinderella’s castle sparkling in the distance.  

But wait. Pause for a moment.   

Have you ever thought what it might be like being at Disney World if you couldn’t see?   

For those without sight, Disney World is a very different experience. Helping these guests take in the wonder of the park is something that requires some creative thinking on the part of some of Walt Disney World’s most magical cast members; the engineers.   

Working with some of my (amazing) colleagues here at WGBH, Disney’s engineers have come up with an innovative solution to the challenge of helping blind guests enjoy the park more fully. The device, a handheld navigation and audio guide, provides detailed descriptions of the physical makeup of the park, from the practical (aka “turn left here” type stuff) to the magical (an elaborate description of Fantasyland). 

Check out this cool youtube video for more information.

We told you it was cool. 

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