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Hi blog readers and future engineers,

We know you’re right there along with us in our mission to change the way people think, and talk, about engineering. Well, it’s time to take our relationship to the next level.

Let’s make it official. 

Last week we introduced the Engineer’s Pledge. Engineer’s Pledge, meet our blog readers. Blog readers, meet the Engineer’s Pledge.

The pledge is a promise. It is a pinky swear to the field of engineering. It is a decision to put our money where our mouth is. Engineers, professors, students, supporters—let’s do this. Here it is:

The Engineer’s Pledge

Change the way you talk about engineering. Take the Engineer’s Pledge.

 I will:

·                     Tell people about the creative aspects engineering 

·                     Promote the collaborative nature of engineering

·                     Talk about how engineering makes a difference

In less than a week, over 400 people have taken the pledge. We think that is a great sign and an encouraging trend. Let's keep it going. The old saying that there is strength in numbers is, well, true.

So, go to our Facebook page (please) and “like” it. That’s it. You’ve pledged. You feel better already, huh?


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