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All of us at EYL love meeting new friends that share our passion for equality and opportunity for girls. We bet you do too. So, we wanted to introduce you to the Dot Divas. These girls, like the EYL crew, see the excitement, creativity and opportunity in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) related career paths.

Specifically, the Dot Divas, “believe in the potential of computing to create a better world.” These gals have their finger on the pulse, literally. They realize the potential of a keystroke or a sharply written code to entertain people, solve environmental issues, and even save lives. They know that Dot Divas are cool, trendy, hip and in demand.  We have to agree on that one!

This Monday, September 27th, the Dot Divas will have their  formal debut, officially introducing themselves to the world at an all day event in Boston. In the morning alone guests will see the premiere of “Kate and Ali”—Dot Diva’s fun new webinar series. After that guests can attend a fashion show and robotics exhibit, and later can meet the ladies behind Rock Band and Guitar Hero.

Here’s more on the event.
Sounds fun, right? Here’s the good news. After the event, much of the content and events of the day will be available via the Dot Diva web site. We’ll be sure and share it with you here, on Facebook, etc.  

Until then, check out the Dot Diva web site for tons of cool information and resources.  

To our Dot Diva pals—best of luck Monday! We’re guessing it will be fabulous. 



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