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Veronica Belmont is a role model for the EYL community. A tv host, social media whiz and technology guru, Veronica has over one million followers on Twitter and 17,000 plus fans on Facebook. The woman knows what she is talking about. 

Veronica is a fan of Engineer Your life, and she was nice enough to answer a view questions for us about engineering and girls role in the field. 

Here's what she had to say: 

Q. Why should young women consider engineering as a college major and career? What’s cool about it? A. There are so many different options out there for women wanting to work in computer engineering and information technology. It covers so many different fields and opens so many doors! If you have a good understanding of computer engineering, you'll be able to find something interesting and rewarding to work on. Technology changes so fast; there's always a need for people to build and support it. 

Q. Who are some of your favorite female engineers? 
A. Colleen Kelly from the TWiT Network is basically the woman behind the curtain. She does everything! Other great women include Leah Culver, Ada Lovelace, and Daynah (PHP Princess). 

Q. Name three place for us that would be cool to work at as an engineer. Why?
A. Google is one of the top places to work as an engineer, but it can be really competitive! There are also hundreds of startups that are always looking for engineers and developers. NASA would be another amazing place to work, since you can help humanity explore the cosmos. You could also help design and create amazing product prototypes at a place like IDEO!

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