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There’s been a lot of chit-chat this week about the term STEM, which us girls know to mean “Science, Technology, Engineering and Math.” Some (like the NY Times writer Natalie Anger in this article say the term is “odious” and put much blame on the term itself for the underdog persona these disciplines sometimes (sadly) get branded with.  
Ok. We hear you. STEM is not the flashiest term in the world. It doesn’t roll off the tongue like Bieber fever, tweet or Twihard. And branding is everything, right? But, let’s not go bashing the engine, er term, that has made strides (yes arguably small and debatably sluggish but strides nonetheless) over the last few years. The government is paying attention (read a recent report here ). Our schools are paying attention. Potential employers are paying attention, and, most importantly, young people are hearing more about the possibilities and potential in these fields.
It is progress. It is movement in the right direction. And there’s lots of good that can “stem” from that.
What do you think? Is the term STEM really to blame?


10/08/2010 07:37

I think the term could work if accompanied by a flashy logo. STEM = green? = current focus on sustainability? It has possibilities!

10/08/2010 08:35

I think nobody should mess with the "STEM" acronym at this point. It's just now becoming known what it stands for, in the general public. Now we have to work on educating the populace on the real meaning, meat, and opportunity behind the words!


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